Turtle Patient Update Issue 12 | 2022



Gus – Arrived 30 May 2022, Released 5 December 2022


Gus continued being healthy, super fiesty and was swimming really nicely! He finished his medications last month and considering his great progress, our team decided that it was time for Gus to head on home. His pre-release health checks showed no sign of infection and Gus received a shining clean bill of health. On Monday, 5th December, Gus was released in a sea grass meadow in presence of guests from Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu, who watched from the front beach.

Resident Patients

Lakia – Arrived 14 September 2022


Lakia underwent surgery this week to remove her non-functioning right flipper. The surgery went well and she made a good recovery. Over the days, her surgery site started breaking down a little – by this we mean the stitches came away as the remaining stump is moving and putting pressure on the wound. We are cleaning and managing her wounds every three days, and it is looking really healthy. Otherwise, Lakia has really been enjoying the space in the large tank and is diving and swimming well. If she continues to improve, she’ll hopefully be released before the New Year.

Naseeb – Arrived 7 august 2022


Naseeb has gone from strength to strength, he’s swimming happily and has a great appetite. However, the team had to perform an amputation surgery for Naseeb’s left front flipper, since there had been no improvement in that flipper and it was the only thing holding him back. The surgery was a success and Naseeb recovered very quickly. Unfortunately, the remaining front flipper, which was also damaged by the net, has caused a chip of bone to break off his humerus (top flipper bone). This will need to be surgically removed so that he continues to heal well.

Fida – Arrived 6 August 2022


Fida is doing well, just eating blissfully and enjoying the company of our guests and volunteers at the Rescue Centre. While she is gaining strength and her diving too is improving, Fida is still popping back up when she dives, indicating that she remains positively buoyant. We will continue to monitor her situation closely, and hope to see an improvement in the coming days.

Kakuni, Arrived 17 July 2022


Kakuni is a much happier turtle now. Her personality is really shining through, she’s much more inquisitive and really interested in food. Thanks to the encouragement during feeding times, Kakuni has also started diving, and not just with food but even spontaneously. She is much lower in the water column too, so if she keeps this up, we expect her to be diving expertly soon. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for a likely release before Christmas.

Leonardo – Arrived 14 February 2022

Turtle patient Leonardo closeup. Image.

Leo had been a little grumpy, he wasn’t swimming or eating as well as he has been in the past. Seeing this, we put him on a slightly stronger pain relief and moved him into one of our medium tanks. To our surprise, he is enjoying the space, perhaps as it is somewhat secluded. He is now eating and diving well and spends his time resting peacefully at the bottom of his tank. Unfortunately, after some small movements, he has stopped using his right front flipper. We’re monitoring his bone infection and he’ll be receiving some more x-rays in the coming days.