Sea Turtle Stories – A Podcast Series from ORP

Sea Turtle Stories - a podcast series from Olive Ridley Project on all things sea turtle. Cover photo.

Welcome to Sea Turtle Stories – a podcast series from ORP on all things sea turtle.

Sea turtles, one of the most ancient species of our world, have truly stood the test of time. They’ve seen human civilisations rise and fall, inspired ocean deities across cultures, and baffled scientists with their unique instincts – one of which is a hatchling’s impulse to orient itself in the direction of the sea, straight from its nest. 

Join us as we dive into conversations with experts from across the world, and simplify complexities of sea turtle science, culture, and conservation and try to uncover the mysterious lives of these magnificent creatures.

Sea Turtle Stories is hosted by Dr Minnie Liddell, researched and produced by Anadya Singh, and mixed and edited by Dev Ramkumar.

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Sea Turtle Stories