Adopt A Famous Sea Turtle

Adopt a sea turtle

Adopt one of our famous sea turtles – for yourself or as a gift – and help protect sea turtles and their habitats. For as little as £20 per year, your digital adoption package includes:

  • A personalised adoption certificate
  • A turtley awesome wallpaper for your phone
  • A PDF copy of Marine Turtles of the Maldives: A field identification and conduct guide co-written by our very own Dr. Jillian Hudgins
  • Email updates whenever your sea turtle is re-sighted for 1 year. Please note that these are wild animals so we cannot guarantee the frequency with which they are sighted

Our Famous Sea Turtles

Many green and hawksbill sea turtles tend to have a favourite reef where they like to hang out. They don’t travel much and we rarely see them on other reefs or in other lagoons. As a result, many of them are sighted frequently by divers and snorkelers.

Our famous sea turtles have been named by the first person who photographed them. Some of them have been sighted more than a hundred times! So you do not get to name your adopted sea turtle, but you are very likely to receive regular updates of re-sightings. Multiple people can adopt the same sea turtle. If you would like to name and adopt “your own” sea turtle, please click here.

Once we receive confirmation of the donation and your turtle adoption form (please make sure the names on the donation and adoption forms match), we will issue the adoption certificate with details about the sea turtle. Please allow 7 days for the issuing of the certificate.

How You Will Help Protect Sea Turtles By Adopting

By adopting one of our famous sea turtles, you will help us:

  Rescue and care for more sea turtles
  Remove more ghost gear
  Fund scientific research on sea turtle populations
  Fund educational outreach programs

Choose Your Favourite Sea Turtle

Make sure you make a note of the Turtle ID Code as you will need it later.