Report A Ghost Net

Found a ghost net? Report a ghost net and upload your images using the ghost net data input form below.

Your contribution is greatly appreciated and will help us in the fight against ghost nets in the Indian Ocean.

Maldives only:
If you find an entangled turtle in a ghost net, please call the Marine Turtle Rescue Centre for assistance: 955 2205

  • When encountering discarded fishing nets (ghost nets) in the ocean or on land, your personal safety should always remain top priority.
  • Your ultimate goal is to remove and dispose of the ghost net to ensure it does not return to the marine environment.
  • Before removing a ghost net, any entangled turtles found should be documented and rescued
  • Detailed recordings are imperative if we are to present the results to relevant fisheries with the aim of making changes.
  • Once the net is in a safe location, please review the Ghost Net Data Input Protocol, and then submit your data and upload your images via the Ghost Net Data Input form below. (If you have more than 5 photos, please upload any additional images from the Image Upload page.)
  • We need a minimum of:
    • 1 image showing the whole ghost net as it was found (conglomerate of nets)
    • 1 image showing each net in the conglomerate, including an item for scale
  • Additional images including any identifiable features such as bamboo, bottles with a “made in sign”, FADs, buyos etc. entangled in the net may also help us identify where the net originated from.
  • If there are any entangled turtles in the net, we need a minimum of:
    • 1 image showing turtle (s) entangled in the net
    • 1 image showing the left side of (each of the) the turtle’s head
    • 1 image showing the right side of (each of the) of the turtle’s head
  • Should you be unable to provide images of any turtles found entangled, please note in the Turtle Comments Section in the Ghost Net Data Input form what species of sea turtle was found.

** This form is for one net sample. Should you find a conglomerate of nets, please submit a form for each individual net.