Turtle Patient 193: Naseeb, Juvenile Olive Ridley

Turtle patient Naseeb floaring in his tank. Image.

Naseeb, meaning lucky in Divehi, is a juvenile olive ridley who was found entangled in a ghost net by the captain and boat crew from Kandolhu Maldives in North Ari Atoll.

The Vitals

Intake Date: 7 August 2022
Patient Number: 193
Rescue Location: North Ari Atoll
Reason: Found entangled
Transport Method: 2 seaplanes
Status: Current patient

Species: Olive ridley
Scientific Name: Lepidochelys olivacea
Sex: Unknown
Age: Juvenile
Length: 46.5 cm
Weight: 10.05 kg

The Adoptive Parents

Naseeb has kindly been adopted by Yasmin Zahedi, Marisol, and by Jennifer.

Naseeb’s Story

Naseeb’s rescuers untangled him from the ghost net, but they noticed that he was struggling to dive and decided he needed more help. He reached the Rescue Centre after two seaplane flights.

Both of Naseeb’s front flippers and his left rear flipper have deep entanglement wounds with bone exposure. Following diagnostics, including X-rays and blood tests, we elected to perform a full surgical debridement under anesthesia, which will take place in a few days time. Meanwhile, Naseeb will be supported with proper nutrition, fluid therapy, pain relief, antibiotics and wound care management.

14 August 2022
We performed a full surgical debridement for Naseeb on the 9th August. The surgery went well and he recovered smoothly after the anesthesia. Although Naseeb started showing increased energy levels and ate well the day after the surgery, he is still not using his left front flipper as often as desired. Follow-up diagnostics will be performed to guide the treatment plan for Naseeb and to assess if all three damaged flippers are salvageable.

21 August 2022
Naeseb had a second round of debridement under light sedation on the 16th August. However, he did not recover as smoothly as expected this time round. He became dull and stopped eating after the procedure. We will continue to monitor him closely and may plan to insert a feeding tube to provide nutritional support to assist the recovery process.

28 August 2022
Since his unfortunate recovery event the other week, Naseeb has intermittently eaten a few prawns but, due to his lack of appetite, he has lost weight. In the meantime, he will be supported with daily fluids. He sometimes uses his left front flipper; movement is minimal but much improved after some physiotherapy. If he continues to lose weight and show no interest in food, extra nutritional support will be given via a feeding tube.

4 September 2022
We have good news about Naseeb this week! The wounds on his flippers and shell are healing well and he has started to eat consistently. We are offering him fish and prawns. He had previously lost weight, however since he started eating, he has maintained the same weight. He is still receiving daily fluids. We are continuing to monitor his weight and hydration status, and we hope to see him gain weight in the next few days.

11 September 2022
Naseeb has gradually regained hydration since he started eating voluntarily with a good appetite over the past few days. His demeanor has improved but his activity level remains low and he is not using his left front flipper as much as we would like. His repeat X-rays revealed suspected osteomyelitis at his left shoulder joint, which is consistent with the poor usage of that flipper. With this, a course of anti-fungals has been added to his treatment plan.

18 September 2022
Naseeb’s appetite has been consistently good throughout the week and he has successfully put on some weight. He is much more active now, but is still not using his right front flipper. His recent wound assessment revealed signs of infection at his right front flipper with discharge from the wound. We will conduct more frequent wound cleaning sessions and closely monitor the wound healing progress.

25 September 2022
We have adjusted Naseeb’s diet plan as his body weight remained low. His appetite is fine and he seems a bit brighter lately. We will assess his wounds again this week and have scheduled more physiotherapy sessions for him as he is still not using his left front flipper.

2 October 2022
Naseeb’s appetite has been back to normal this week. However, his repeat X-rays revealed signs of deterioration at his left shoulder joint infection. Due to this, we have adjusted his treatment plan and will be repeating the X-rays at his left shoulder at a fortnightly interval to monitor his healing progress. He is currently on a course of antibiotics, fluid therapy, pain relief, and topical wound care management.

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