Umna Afeef, Communications Assistant For Education & Outreach

Umnai Afeef, Communications Assistant for Education & Outreach

Having grown up amidst the escalating climate crisis in the low lying archipelago of Maldives, Umna Afeef fosters a deep passion for environmentalism and conservation. Her interest in sea turtles grew after participating as a surveyor in the sea turtle egg and meat consumption surveys in Baa Atoll in 2020, where she learned about cultural practices and their impact on sea turtles.

Umna has been working as a freelance digital artist and graphic designer since 2021, and is currently pursuing her degree in Graphic Design and Multimedia. Her work, well-established in the Maldives, depicts intersections of culture, self-expression and nature.

Umna has been working with ORP as a freelance designer since 2022, contributing to the Vaavoshi Festival, and managing the layout and illustrations for the Handbook of Sea Turtles.

Umna joined ORP in January 2024 as the Communications Assistant for Education & Outreach. She provides support in creating education, social media and digital marketing campaigns.