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Turtle Book Club: Conservation

This time the Turtle Book Club focuses on books about turtle conservation. With six out of seven species of sea turtles threatened with extinction, conservation is a key aspect of sea turtle science. These books include stories from the roots of sea turtle conservation in the Atlantic, the Pacific, and also in the Indian Ocean. As turtles are only one part of the global ecosystem, we also encourage a closer look into the philosophical background around all of conservation.

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Turtle Book Club: Turtle Science

In this edition of the ORP Turtle Book Club we feature books for readers with a specific interest in the science surrounding turtles and their biology. Looking for a good book on sea turtle biology for a presentation at school? Working on a paper for comparative anatomy at uni? Wolfing down all the literature you can find surrounding your favourite animals? We have some great turtle science book recommendations for you!

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Turtle Book Club: General Turtle Stories

In this week’s Turtle Book Club we move on from children’s books to turtle stories aimed at an older audience. In these various works of prose, the authors invite readers on a trip around the world through developments in sea turtle science, a true crime story (involving turtles), turtle-centric holidays, and a young boy’s life journey.

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Turtle Book Club: Children’s Books

This edition of turtle book club is aimed at the youngest turtle fans and their parents. All the books recommended are short, large format and mainly picture books which are ideal for very young kids to read to, for early learners or avid young readers. They contain engaging stories from different sea turtles and show their life’s and different environments. We hope you will enjoy these reads together with your kids!

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How The Turtle Got Its Shell

Turtles are a unique group of vertebrates. Their most striking feature is by far the shell. It is what makes them so easily recognizable as turtles, but how did turtles end up with their shell? This is still an area of great research interest and strongly debated in the scientific community. In this article, we will show you some of the highlights surrounding the research of turtle evolution.