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Turtle patient Heidi. Image.

Turtle Patient Update Issue 9 | 2021

Released Bruce – Arrived 4 July 2021, Released 24 October 2021 Bruce finally overcame his buoyancy problems! Just hours after his tank mate, Amber, was released, Bruce decided it was his turn to go back into the open ocean and started diving! That same afternoon Bruce was found resting on the bottom of the tank, which meant it was time … Read More

Green turtle on reef facing camera, Kenya. Image.

ORP Kenya News Issue 4 | 2021

Summer months in Kenya mean very unstable weather and poor diving conditions and we therefore take a month’s break from underwater activities. Still, we managed to survey eight of the the thirteen dive sites we normally monitor. Our surveys yielded a total of 102 green and fourteen hawksbill turtle sightings during the last three months. These included 24 new turtles added to the database: 21 greens and 3 hawksbills. 

Turtle patient Tibby in the tank. Image.

Turtle Patient Update Issue 8 | 2021

Released Amber – Arrived 2 March 2021, Released 12 October 2021 Amber did very well in the deep tank at One&Only Reethi Rah. She had full control of her buoyancy, dived often, and rested frequently on the bottom of the tank. She had a slight setback a few weeks ago with an eye infection, but she was given antibiotic eye … Read More

Hawksbuill turtle patient Dinah with raised flippers. Image.

Turtle Patient Update Issue 7 | 2021

Released Dinah, Arrived 19 August 2021, Released 27 August 2021 Just before Dr Minnie left for her holiday, we had a new arrival: a juvenile hawksbill named Dinah. Dinah was found washed ashore and very weak, in Gili Lankanfushi resort. After an initial triage she was found to be full of ingesta and also held her front flippers tightly under … Read More

Turtle patient Jannicke in her tank. Image.

Turtle Patient Update Issue 6 | 2021

New Arrivals Jude, Arrived 30 July 2021 Jude was found near Malé by one of the speedboat crews from our partner resort One & Only Reethi Rah, floating on the surface and missing her front right flipper. She was assessed by the veterinary team via a video call and was deemed healthy. Her wound has healed well and she is very … Read More

Sea turtle patien Owen, hawksbill, in his tank at the ORP Rescue Centre. Image.

Turtle Patient Update Issue 5 | 2021

Released Sunan – Arrived 12 March 2021, Released 6 July 2021 Sunan was released on the 6th July after spending 4 months at the Rescue Centre recovering from ghost gear entanglement, skin infection and a bone infection. He was a perfect patient; mild mannered with a great appetite! He swam away easily and quickly into the deep and we couldn’t … Read More

Turtle Patient Update Issue 4 | 2021

Released Seaheart – Arrived 22 February 2021, Released 27 April 2021 Seaheart was released on 27 April. Although he had a little bit of a rough start, struggling to control his buoyancy, he soon worked it out and dived off into the blue! We are so happy with how he did at the Rescue Centre; his wounds looked amazing and … Read More

Green turtle, Galu reef, Diani, Kenya. Image.

ORP Kenya News Issue 3 | 2021

March was a successful and special month for ORP Kenya. We conducted more sea turtle photo-ID surveys than in February, we had very good diving conditions, and we spotted several more hawksbill turtles. But perhaps most exciting is the fact that we re-sighted several turtles that have not been seen for the past two years! We also had the opportunity … Read More

ORP Turtle Patient Update Issue 3 | 2021

Released Cal – Arrived 4 March 2021, Released 6 April 2021 Cal was using his damaged right flipper very well and swimming like a normal turtle. We therefore decided to release him back into the big blue, as he will be better off in his natural environment. He had a big appetite and gained back a substantial amount of weight … Read More

Green turtle, Miele Reef, Diani, Kenya. Image.

ORP Kenya News Issue 2 | 2021

We officially re-started our monitoring activities in Diani on February 1st! For the next 6 months, Biologist Leah Mainye will be coordinating the project on-site. Her job includes conducting surveys, expanding the area monitored and assisting with establishing new partnerships along Kenya’s south coast. We are excited to have Leah back on the team, and have asked her to share … Read More