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Their Habitats

Sea Turtle Rescue & Rehabilitation

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The Ghost Leash – A Dog Leash Made Of Ghost Net

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The Olive Ridley Project is on a mission to protect sea turtles and their habitats through rescue and rehabilitation of injured sea turtles, education and outreach, and scientific research.

Sea Turtles Of The Indian Ocean

Six of the seven remaining species of sea turtles can be found in the Indian Ocean: green, hawksbill, olive ridley, loggerhead, leatherback and the flatback.
How Do Sea Turtles Mate?
Sea turtle mating is a rare and amazing sight to observe in the wild. Most sea turtles species are solitary creatures and only come together during mating season. Mating can actually be a dangerous activity for sea turtles! The male holds onto the female and she has to support the weight of both of them whilst at the same time regularly surface for air.
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All You Want to Know About Sea Turtles – Free Online Courses


e-Turtle School – All About Sea Turtles

Everything you have ever wanted to know about sea turtles, from evolution to conservation. Suitable for all sea turtles lovers and those who want to learn more about these fascinating creatures.

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Sea Turtle Science & Conservation

Deep dive into sea turtle science and conservation. Suitable for budding conservationists and those with an interest in the science surrounding turtles, their biology and conservation.

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Our Impact


>1001 entangled turtles reported in the Maldives

>155 injured turtles treated at the Marine Turtle Rescue Centre

>10 tons of ghost gear removed from the Indian ocean

86 turtles successfully released back into the wild

>5,480 sea turtles identified in the Indian Ocean

Circular economy projects from repurposing ghost gear