Charlotte Cares For Stitch

ORP Volunteers and Coco Palm guests getting ready to release Beyonce and Noor on the beach

Find out what Charlotte got up to as a volunteer at the Marine Turtle Rescue Centre.   Despite arriving in the Maldives during the wet Monsoon season, which normally is a low season for turtles being trapped in ghost nets, Charlotte was a very busy volunteer. She assisted in the…

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Prakriti Sets Beyonce Free

ORP Volunteer Parkriti Mittal caring for Beyonce the turtle

Meet Prakriti – the Marine Turtle Rescue Centre’s first volunteer.   Prakriti first visited Coco Palm Dhuni Kohlu as a guest with her father earlier this year. She spent every available moment at the ORP Marine Turtle Rescue Centre and formed a strong bond with Beyonce, one of our first…

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