Turtle Book Club: Children’s Books

Our first week of Turtle Book Club is aimed at the youngest turtle fans and their parents. All our books this week are short, large format and mainly picture books which are ideal for very young kids to read to, for early learners or avid young readers.

They contain engaging stories from different sea turtles and show their lives and different environments. All books will playfully allow children to learn about sea turtle life history, marine habitats and threats their favourite shelled creature are unfortunately facing – but there is also hope and information on how everyone can help them!

One Tiny Turtle

Written by by Nicola Davies
Illustrated by Jane Chapman
32 pages, first published 2005
Recommended audience: 3 to 10 years
Sea turtle species: Loggerhead

Our Recommendation

Highly recommended read and also suitable for kids that are a little older.

This book is beautifully illustrated and a highly accurate representation of what is currently known about loggerhead turtles. The turtle’s life is completely free of any human influence.

This beautifully illustrated book follows the life of a loggerhead turtle from its childhood home in the open ocean into adulthood. Interestingly this book starts out in the open ocean, where the loggerhead turtle spends the first years of life growing in a sea weed nursery. We follow a little turtle growing up, all the way closer to shore, feeding on favourite food, until she can reproduce and the next generation starts the adventure of life.

I’ll Follow the Moon

Written by Stephanie Lisa Tara
Illustrated by Lee Edward Fodi
48 pages, first publishes 2005
Recommended audience: up to 10 years
Sea turtle species: Green

Our Recommendation

Great for younger audience! There is a colouring book version available for a more interactive experience.

It is a specifically great good night read, as rhyme & repetition make it easily accessible.

The book follows the way of a baby green turtle from the egg to the ocean, where the little turtle will be reuniting with their mother. Even though the general idea of this reunion is not completely scientifically accurate, as mother turtles do not wait for their young in the ocean, the story greatly depicts the struggles of turtles inside the nest & dangers hatchlings face in the first few moments and hours of their lives.

Saving Tally: An Adventure into the Great Pacific Plastic Patch (Save the Planet Books, Band 2)

Written by Serena Lane Ferrari
Illustrated by Giorgia Vallicelli
50 pages, first published 2019
Recommended audience: 3-8 years
Sea turtle species: not named

Our Recommendation

This book sends the important message that we have to reduce our plastic consumption in an easy and relatable way to even the youngest reader. It’s characters are adorable.

Easily accessible with an aesthetic most kids will be familiar with.

In the beginning we meet little Tally, a turtle living in the Pacific Ocean, together with her closest friend the lobster Ara. Both friends have to face a threat while exploring the ocean around them – a threat that is universal to all life in the oceans: plastic pollution. With combined wit and bravery, both Tally and Ara send an important message to the reader!

The Green Sea Turtle

Written by Isabel Müller
50 pages, first published 2014
Recommended audience: 3-12 years
Sea turtle species: Green

Our Recommendation

Can be of special interest for all readers wanting to learn more about turtles and other marine wildlife alike.

The book includes images of many sea creatures besides the main turtle & gives great overview of the different marine habitats.

In calm tones, the author introduces us the life of a green turtle all the way from hatching to adulthood. The reader follows the turtle on her lengthy life journey through different marine habitats in the Indian Ocean until she returns to her native beach to lay eggs herself.

The Adventures of Olive the Sea Turtle: From Nest to Sea

Written by Martin Stelfox and Danielle Gravon
Illustrated by Kelsey Dutton
72 double pages, first published 2020
Recommended audience: up to 10 years
Sea turtle species: Olive Ridley

Our Recommendation

Great little story following one of the most abundant but rarely represented turtle species in the early stages of life.

Great book with large beautiful illustrations and scientific accuracy. Parts of the proceeds from this book support the ORP directly!

Follow the journey of the little olive ridley turtle from nest to the sea & learn about the challenges along the way. From trying to avoid natural predators to getting confused by artificial beach lighting, you will root for little Olive to make her way!

We hope you will enjoy these reads together with your kids!