ORP’s First Visiting Veterinarian – Sonya Miles

Sony Miles was the first vet to join ORP’s Visiting Veterinarian Program. The aim of the program is to share skills and expertise. Sony was able to impart her knowledge as an experienced reptile vet and surgeon, whilst gaining experience with a species, in an environment, that she would never normally get the opportunity to work with or in.

Effects of Bycatch From Fishing

Ghost gear is not the only fishing gear related threat to marine animals; bycatch is another big – and global – problem.
Bycatch happens when commercial fishers accidentally catch unwanted or unintended fish and marine creatures, and seabirds, in their fishing nets whilst fishing for a target fish species, size or sex. WWF estimates that 40% of fish caught worldwide is bycatch.

From Ghost Nets to Good Nets – Creating Value Out of Waste

ORP has removed tons of ghost gear from areas near Karachi and the fishing village of Abdul Rehman Goth. But now we have a new problem: What to do with 4 tons of ghost nets? Thanks to some creative thinking and innovative collaborations, we are now putting ghost nets to good use in various and surprising fields.