2019 Rolex Scholar Volunteers at the Rescue Centre

Kim Hildebrandt, the 2019 Rolex Scholar of the Our World-Underwater Scholarship Society, is a 3rd year Veterinary Medicine student from Germany. She spent two weeks at the Marine Turtle Rescue Centre in July 2019. She found it to be an eye-opening experience and a fantastic opportunity to gain insight in this niche field within Veterinary Medicine.

The Impact of Pollution On Sea Turtles

The impact of coastal and marine pollution on sea turtles come in all shapes and forms, such as sound, thermal, photic, plastics, chemical, effluent, and others. The accurate evaluation of the effects of pollutants on development, survivor ship, health, reproduction, and habitat condition/recovery is one of the main research priorities in sea turtle conservation.

ORP’s First Visiting Veterinarian – Sonya Miles

Sony Miles was the first vet to join ORP’s Visiting Veterinarian Program. The aim of the program is to share skills and expertise. Sony was able to impart her knowledge as an experienced reptile vet and surgeon, whilst gaining experience with a species, in an environment, that she would never normally get the opportunity to work with or in.

Effects of Bycatch From Fishing

Ghost gear is not the only fishing gear related threat to marine animals; bycatch is another big – and global – problem.
Bycatch happens when commercial fishers accidentally catch unwanted or unintended fish and marine creatures, and seabirds, in their fishing nets whilst fishing for a target fish species, size or sex. WWF estimates that 40% of fish caught worldwide is bycatch.

Ghost Gear Impact In Kenya

As the Olive Ridley Project starts its work in Kenya, we are eager to know what are the current ghost gear impact on local marine life. With a daily presence on the diving boats of Diving the Crab Dive Centre, one of our partners in Diani beach, our team is recording and, when possible, participating in removing all visible ghost gear on the local reef.