How long do sea turtle eggs incubate?

It is difficult to predict the exact incubation time for turtle eggs. The hatching date depends on variables such as the temperature during incubation and the depth of the nest, for example.

In the Maldives, sea turtle nests incubate for approximately 49 to 62 days, whereas in colder regions around the world incubation can take up to 80 days.

In Kenya, turtle nests take between 40 and 73 days to incubate before hatching, varying between different nesting seasons and beaches along the coast. The shortest incubation period was recorded on the northern part of the coast.

Incubation time in Iran, in the Gulf of Oman, is at mean 61.7 days.

Loggerhead turtle nest, Cap Verde, image
Loggerhead turtle nest, Cap Verde.
Green turtle hatchlings in the Maldives emerge from their nest after between 49 and 62 days, image
Green turtle hatchlings in the Maldives emerge from their nest after between 49 and 62 days.


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