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Meet Rosie, a Juvenile Victim of Plastic Debris

Rosie is a juvenile Olive Ridley turtle who was found entangled in plastic debris by our friends at Como Maalifushi Resort in Thaa Atoll in January 2018. Her journey to the Rescue Centre involved not one, but two seaplane rides!

Intake Date: January 25th 2018
Weight: 9.55 kg
Status: Deceased February 2018



Rosie was found entangled in remnants of a burlap sandbag. She required a front flipper amputation when she arrived at the Rescue Centre. The rest of her was unharmed and in good condition. She had a good two-day sleep post surgery, but woke up bright, hungry, and happy. She kept trying to climb out of her recovery tub and appeared to be doing very well. Then suddenly she was found dead one morning. On post mortem, we found that part of her gut had died and she likely died from septic shock.