Turtle Patient 238: Paree, Adult Female Olive Ridley

Turtle paient Paree recovering in the tank at the Rescue Centre. Image.

Paree is an adult female olive ridley found entangled in rope near Maavaru Kandu, in Baa Atoll, by the Coco Dive team.

The Vitals

Admission Date: 1 March 2024
Patient Number: 238
Rescue Location: Baa Atoll
Reason: Found Entangled
Transport Method: Speedboat
Status: Current patient

Species: Olive ridley
Scientific Name: Lepidochelys olivacea
Sex: Female
Age: Adult
Length: 69.8 cm
Weight: 34.9 kg

The Adoptive Parents

Paree has kindly been adopted by Philipp Kaiser, by Tyler Kromkowski for Caressa, and by Christine.

Paree’s Story

Paree, meaning “Fairy” in Dhivehi, is an adult female olive ridley who was found entangled in rope near Maavaru Kandu, in Baa Atoll, by the Coco Dive team. Careful efforts were made to disentangle Paree; however, given the severity of the entanglement, certain lines deeply embedded in the flipper required the attention of the veterinary team.

Within 30 minutes of the rescue, Paree had arrived at Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu where our Rescue Centre is based. She is currently the largest and heaviest patient at the Rescue Centre!

Following a comprehensive health assessment it was determined that Paree has sustained a profound ligature injury to her right front flipper. Additionally, she is suffering from a gastrointestinal condition, which impedes her diving capabilities due to excessive air accumulation.

Despite her challenges, Paree has been eating very well on her own since arrival, giving us hope for a quick recovery of her digestive system. In the coming days, she will undergo surgery on the affected flipper.

12 March 2024
Paree has a healthy appetite and after being transferred to a larger tank, she has been resting at the bottom and diving effortlessly. We conducted surgery for Paree’s affected flipper and are ensuring regular wound care along with cold laser sessions. Remarkably, she is currently the largest and heaviest patient at the Rescue Centre.

7 April 2024
Paree has shown great progress over the past month. She is able to fully control her buoyancy and is often seen resting on the bottom. She is able to feed independently and has a great appetite. Her ligature injury to the right front flipper is progressing really well under regular wound care and cold laser therapy sessions regimen. We are hoping for a speedy recovery for Paree.

12 May 2024
Paree’s ligature injury on her right front flipper has healed significantly. However, we’ve noticed the emergence of a focal bone infection in her metacarpus, prompting her to guard that flipper. She has been a bit subdued compared to her usual self, and has shown a slight decrease in appetite. To address this new challenge, we have adjusted her therapy regimen. This includes targeted cold laser therapy aimed at providing pain relief to the affected area, ensuring Paree’s comfort and aiding in her recovery.

9 June 2024
Paree has shown huge improvement this month. Her good appetite is restored and she has returned to her old habit of foraging along the bottom of her tank. She is also much more active, and, although she is not using her right front flipper fully, she has begun to show some movement during her treatments.

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