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Meet Ellie, Found With a Missing Flipper

Ellie is an adult female Olive Ridley turtle who was found with a part of her right flipper missing near Maalifushi Island in Thaa Atoll. It took two days and two seaplanes, as well as a very dedicated Marine Biologist, Lisa, to get Ellie to the Rescue Centre.

Intake Date: 28th March 2018
Length: 62 cm
Weight: 43 kg
Status: Released 18th April 2018

Ellie suffered a right front flipper partial self-amputation with the humeral bone exposed. Because of severity of the injury, her remaining flipper bone had to be surgically removed at the shoulder joint. After her amputation, she received antibiotic and pain medication.

Ellie never had any diving difficulties and was able to swim well. After 3 weeks, when the wound from her surgery had healed and the stitches were removed, she was released back to the ocean.
She was clearly ready to go back home and dove into the blue without any hesitation!