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Meet Daisy, Our Largest Turtle Patient

Daisy was an adult female Olive ridley turtle who was found in Baa atoll in August 2017. 
Intake Date: 5 August 2017
Length: 69 cm
Weight: 30.5 kg
Status: Deceased 13 December 2017

Daisy was found by Soneva Fushi, entangled in a ghost net that left her with deep wounds to her two front flippers as well as wounds to her back flippers.  Daisy also suffered from buoyancy syndrome and was unable to dive. 

She had surgery to her front right flipper, which healed very well.  Unfortunately, she also had an infection in her left front flipper that did not respond to medication and we had no other option than to amputate to prevent further spread.  The surgery went very well but Daisy struggled to recover from the anesthetic.  After a night of assisted breathing, she appeared to do well 24 hours after surgery.  The next day she went downhill and passed away. 

A postmortem revealed she had severe kidney disease and signs of heart disease, so unfortunately her body could not cope with the anesthetic.  Her death came as a huge shock and we are devastated over her loss.

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