Usman Iqbal, Programme Manager Pakistan

Usman Iqbal ORP Pakistan Programme Manager
Usman Iqbal
Programme Manager, Pakistan

Usman is an environmentalist who works in the Solar Energy Sector. He has done reconstruction and solar energy installations in the rural areas of Pakistan. Usman has also been involved with local fishermen in various development projects.

As a volunteer for ORP, Usman designed and built a hut out of plastic bottles rescued from the ocean. The hut is used to house all the ghost gear removed from the ocean by fishermen and ORP volunteers. Check out the video here! Furthermore, Usman has been involved in community development projects in Karachi with Karachi United Football Foundation all over the city.

Usman’s technical expertise and knowledge of materials and processes is vital to help ORP reduce the impact of ghost gear in the Arabian Sea. He works closely with the local communities to pass on this knowledge on how to manage their energy. In addition he teaches methods in which they can reduce/reuse waste and improve their neighborhood.