Muhammad Hanif, Field Coordinator, Pakistan

Muhammad Hanif, portrait.
Muhammad Hanif
Field Coordinator, Kakapir, Pakistan

Muhammad Hanif was born to a fishing family in Kakapir, Pakistan. A fisherman and a diver, Hanif owns five boats through which he operates his fishing business.

Hanif’s village Kakapir sits in the middle of a turtle nesting beach. Since his childhood, Hanif has been watching turtles come up to lay eggs, the nests hatching and the hatchings crawling up from the sand into the sea. His fascination grew as he spotted them out in the sea, swimming, feeding and mating.

Therefore, when Hanif saw his favourite creatures being affected by pollution, he knew he had to play a part in protecting them. Soon Hanif began to assist ORP Pakistan with ghost net recovery in Kakapir.

Hanif’s vast knowledge of local ecology, strong ties with the community, and passion for conservation made him the perfect candidate to help us establish our work in Kakapir.

Now, in his role as the Field Coordinator, Hanif is conducting sea turtle population surveys, educating the fishing community on plastic pollution and ghost gear as well as helping us expand the circular economy project at Kakapir.