Mohamed Shah Rasheed, Sea Turtle Biologist & Guest Educator, Raa Atoll

Mohamed Shah Rasheed. Portrait.
Mohamed Shah Rasheed
Sea Turtle Biologist & Guest Educator, Raa Atoll

Mohamed Shah Rasheed was born in the southern Maldivian island of Laamu Gan. Like many children growing up on local islands, Shah’s connection to the ocean began at an early age. He developed a deep fascination with the diverse coral reefs and their inhabitants surrounding his home island. In school, Shah excelled in science and nurtured a strong desire to pursue a career in the subject.

Opportunity knocked on Shah’s door when he earned a scholarship to study Pharmaceutical Science at the Maldives National University. After completing his studies, Shah worked as a pharmacist for five years. However, the onset of COVID-19 pandemic prompted Shah to consider a different career path. Veterinary medicine had always intrigued him and in 2021, Shah explored this interest through an internship at ORP’s Marine Turtle Rescue Center in Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu.

During his time at Coco Palm, Shah gained valuable insights into sea turtle biology and veterinary practice. It was during this period that he realised his passion lay in the realm of marine conservation. Immediately following his internship, Shah became a certified SCUBA diver and joined a tourist resort as an assistant marine biologist. Over two years, he contributed significantly to marine conservation efforts, participating in various projects such as coral restoration and sea turtle population research. Shah relished the opportunity to educate resort guests on these vital topics.

Driven by his newfound commitment to marine conservation, Shah made the decision to return to ORP, this time as a Sea Turtle Biologist. He is now based in Raa Atoll, at our partner resort, JOALI BEING. In his role, Shah will be conducting research on sea turtle populations and nesting, not only on JOALI BEING but throughout the broader Raa Atoll region. Additionally, he will oversee the Raa Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Centre at JOALI BEING, caring for long-term turtle patients and actively participating in various community outreach events.