Kashif Ayoub, Sea Turtle Biologist, Pakistan

Kashif Ayoub, Portrait.
Kashif Ayoub
Sea Turtle Biologist, Pakistan

Kashif Ayoub has always been passionate about marine conservation. After completing his Masters in Applied Marine Sciences from University of Karachi, Kashif decided to dedicate his career to the protection of sea animals.

For his first project, Kashif worked on physical oceanography with the Department of Environmental Sciences and Metrological Department of Karachi. His aim was to find and analyse the correlation between the excessive rainfall of 2010 and the ocean phenomenon of El Niño/La Niña.

He then joined WWF-Pakistan as a Team Leader. Here he worked on several marine conservation projects in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organisation, the Marine Fisheries Department and the National Institute of Oceanography, Pakistan.

Kashif is the first Sea Turtle Biologist to join our team in Pakistan. His role includes monitoring sea turtle populations, carrying out Photo-ID research and furthering our educational and outreach activities.