Jenni Choma, Programme Manager, Kenya

Jenni Chom. Portrait.
Jenni Choma
Programme Manager Kenya

Originating from the farming country of the UK, Jenni had very little access to marine environments growing up, yet she was enthusiastic about the natural world and drawn to the idea of conserving it. As soon as she graduated from Newcastle University with a Biology degree she left the UK for warmer climes. Within a year she had fallen in love with the underwater world and within two years was a certified divemaster and on her way to run a coral restoration and marine monitoring project in Malaysian Borneo. 

Following this, Jenni spent two years working in Laamu Atoll in the Maldives where she discovered sea turtle identification and the Olive Ridley Project. When she was invited to start a new marine project in Kenya, she was eager to assist in establishing ORP as a new base in the Indian Ocean. Since 2018 she has worked closely with the team and in 2022 entered the organisation as a part-time Infield Supervisor. 

Fast forward to 2024 and Jenni is now the Programme Manager for Olive Ridley Project Kenya as a registered NGO in the country working together with a dedicated team to expand programmes and better protect sea turtles along Kenya’s coast.