Jenni Choma, Infield Supervisor, Kenya

Jenni Choma. Image.
Jenni Choma,
Infield Supervisor, Kenya

Originating from the farming country of the UK, Jenni had very little access to marine environments growing up, yet she was enthusiastic about the natural world and drawn to the idea of conserving it. After graduating Newcastle University with a degree with honours in Biology, Jenni left to explore the world.

During her first scuba dives in Australia, she realised her passion for the underwater world. Following a series of volunteer placements and dive courses she found herself running a coral restoration and marine monitoring project in Malaysian Borneo in 2014.

From 2016 to 2018 she was based in Laamu Atoll in the Maldives where she discovered sea turtle identification and the Olive Ridley Project. When she moved to start a new project in Kenya, she was eager to assist in establishing the project here as a new base in the Indian Ocean. Since 2018 she worked closely with the ORP team and from 2022 has taken an official role in the organisation.

Whilst continuing her work in conservation education, her two roles now allow her to learn more about Kenya’s South Coast and its underwater inhabitants and its underwater inhabitants while also spreading awareness to help conserve it. She strongly believes that everyone can take action every day for the benefit of our oceans.

As Infield Supervisor with ORP Kenya, Jenni will work alongside the Project Manager and Project Coordinator to expand expand our sea turtle identification research and sea turtle populations assessment efforts along Kenya’s South Coast.