Jane Lloyd, Sea Turtle Biologist, Oman

Jane Lloyd, Olive Ridley Project Sea Turtle Biologist
Jane Lloyd, Sea Turtle Biologist

Jane joins ORP with a great deal of experience in turtle conservation, research and turtle photo-ID.

Always having had a desire to find a meaningful career that was beneficial to global conservation efforts, Jane pursued a Bachelors degree in Environmental Science at the University of Gloucestershire and Universidad de Alcalá.

While living in Ibiza, she connected to island life, the sea and learnt to dive; ecology and marine biology became the primary focus of her studies.

During her student years, Jane volunteered as a scientific scuba diver in Mexico, surveying the fish and coral species of the Meso-American Reef. During her time there, she completed her dissertation research, developing a photo identification protocol for foraging sea green turtles. This research was presented as an undergraduate student at the International Sea Turtle Symposium in 2010.

Jane then joined the Kuwait Turtle Conservation Project as a Consultant Marine Biologist in 2010. In Kuwait she was part of a research team doing extensive underwater photography and marine species identification. The teams work resulted in the production of a species ID app, governmental reports and the publication of a book.

After graduating with a first class degree in 2011, Jane returned to Mexico to continue her dive training. She has also worked for the University of Bournemouth as a research assistant, disseminating completed research relating to effective management of marine protected areas to the Ecuadorian government.

Jane returns to the Middle East with ORP as a Sea Turtle Biologist and Guest Educator. She is based at the Six Senses Resort in Zighy Bay, Oman. Here she is responsible for monitoring the sea turtle population. She will also be working with local government officials to reduce the amount of ghost fishing gear in the region.