Ibrahim Inaan, Sea Turtle Ranger & Community Officer, Laamu Atoll

Ibrahim Inaan,portrait. Image.
Ibrahim Inaan, Sea Turtle Ranger & Community Officer, Laamu Atoll

Ibrahim Inaan was born and raised in Laamu Atoll, Maldives. As a child he would spend almost all weekends and school vacations by the beach or at sea with his family. At age 8, Inaan was on a fishing trip with his father when he came across a sea turtle that had been trapped in a ghost net and this sparked his interest in sea turtles.

His interest in sea turtles and the marine environment increased as he discovered that they are an endangered species. Inaan is an engaged citizen who consistently lends a hand and takes part in any conservation projects that are organized by NGOs, councils, and educational institutions. To this end he has joined education sessions held by Maldives Underwater Initiative about protecting Maldives’ seagrass, and also participated in multiple Laamafaru Festivals in the atoll.

Inaan is currently pursuing a degree in business administration and in his second year of college. He is also an avid photographer and videographer and has previously done video campaigns for Laamu Atoll. He hopes to use his photography and videography skills to increase public awareness of the work ORP is doing and lessen threats to sea turtles.

In January 2023, Inaan joined ORP as a our first Sea Turtle Ranger and Community Officer, working to monitor the most significant nesting site in the country on L. Gaadhoo. In his role, he will also conduct outreach and education sessions in Gan and Fonadhoo, and work closely with island and atoll stakeholders to ensure community integration into the project. This project is the first of its kind in the country. Inaan is also co-supervised by the Environmental Protection Agency of the Maldives (EPA).