Dr. Jillian Hudgins, Senior Project Scientist

Dr. Jillian Hudgins, Senior Project Scientist Olive Ridley Project
Dr. Jillian Hudgins,
Senior Project Scientist

Born and raised on the east coast of Canada, Dr. Jillian Hudgins has been fascinated with nature since she was a child. Though she has a background in geology and a PhD in Earth Sciences from University of New Brunswick, Canada, Jillian has been working in the field of marine conservation since 2010. After surveying fish and coral health on the Meso-American Barrier Reef in Mexico, she moved to the Maldives to work on a coral restoration program in 2011.

As a consultant for the Maldivian government on issues of turtle conservation, Jillian is working with resort marine biologists and local islanders to raise awareness and promote education about the marine ecosystem in the Maldives.

Jillian has been working with the Olive Ridley Project since its inception in 2013 and is currently the Senior Project Scientist. She lives in Canada but travels regularly to the Maldives to run educational workshops and awareness events in resorts and on local islands.