Diana Kerubo Nyakundi, Sea Turtle Monitoring Assistant, Kenya

Diana Kerubo Nyakundi. Portrait.
Diana Kerubo Nyakundi
Sea Turtle Monitoring Assistant, Kenya

Diana Kerubo was born and raised in Kenya’s Narok County. Diana used to swim frequently in Ewaso ngiro, the main permanent waterway of the region, until one day she nearly drowned and was rescued by a stranger. Despite this, her love of water continued, and as she got older, she became more fascinated by the idea of ocean environments.

After finishing school, Diana enrolled at Mombasa Technical University to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Marine Resource Management. During the four-year study she gained extensive understanding of marine biodiversity and environments.

Following graduation, Diana spent eight months with the Kenya Marine Fisheries Research Institute, gaining experience in fish surveys, plankton classifications, and prawn molecular biology.

In March 2023, Diana joined ORP as a Sea Turtle Monitoring and Conservation Intern, where her desire to conserve and protect marine life was nurtured. She became a certified diver, learnt to interact with sea turtles and collect and process Photo-ID data. She also assisted the ORP team in multiple educational events and community outreach programs. Since Diana performed so passionately during her internship, she was offered an opportunity to join the team as a full time member.

Diana is now an official part of ORP Kenya and works as the Sea Turtle Monitoring Assistant, collecting Photo-ID data and helping conduct research in the Diani landscape.