Bert Lang

Bertolt Lang, portrait. Image.
Bert Lang, IT Specialist

Bert is from a small town north of Berlin far away from the ocean; he never even saw a turtle up close until he was an adult! Growing up, he preferred to spend his time hiking and skiing in the mountains rather than on the beach. However, the allure of the sea catches everybody eventually. Visits to South America and Africa – and getting to know the wonderful people at ORP – prompted a wish to support the project and the protection of sea turtles and their habitats.
Bert’s professional career started with studies of Mechanical Engineering at the TU Berlin. After graduating, he drifted more towards software engineering in his work as a developer in the fields of computer vision, space exploration and public transport. 
After having helped out with technical issues and programming on an ad hoc basis for a while, Bert officially joined ORP as an IT specialist volunteer in May 2023. Wishing “to help facilitate the work of the dedicated people who make the world a nicer place to live in”, Bert’s skills will help ORP save tons of work hours by automating tedious tasks with specialized scripts and processes.