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Meet Azura, An Adult Female Ghost Net Victim

Azura was found by Dharavandhoo island in Baa Atoll and we collected her by speedboat.

Intake Date: 2nd April 2019
Length: 60.5 cm
Weight: 17.9 kg
Status: Current Patient

Azura has been adopted by Kristina Feigl

Azura had a very severely infected front flipper after being entangled in a ghost net. She needed an amputation and responded well to treatment.

The infection ran deep into her shoulder. She has lost most of the tissue in that area, but despite this, we have managed to treat the infection to stop it spreading further.

The deep wound in her shoulder has now completely healed. Her shoulder looks fantastic compared to when she first came in. However, she is still buoyant so cannot be released until she dives properly.