Adopt A Turtle In Maldives

Adoption of Identified Sea Turtles

As part of our Turtle Photo-ID program, we offer adoptions of newly identified and still name- less sea turtles, which have been added to our database with only an identification code. When you adopt a turtle, you get to chose the name!

Pick your favourite turtle in the gallery on top of the page and note down the turtle identification code. You will need it for the adoption form below.

It is also possible to adopt a turtle patient here.

Submit Your Own Sea Turtle Photos

If you find and photograph a sea turtle that is new to our database during a visit to the Maldives , or one that is yet to be named, you can chose to adopt this turtle.

To submit your own sea turtle photos for possible adoption, please email your photos to or

We need one clear image of each side of the turtle’s face. And of course, we also need to know the time and the location of the sighting. Blurry photos cannot be used.

How to Adopt a Turtle in the Maldives

  1. Pick your favourite turtle in the gallery at the top of the page and note down the identification number
  2. Complete the Symbolic Turtle Adoption form below
  3. Make a donation of minimum £50 to the Olive Ridley Project and mention the name of the turtle in the message field.

Once we receive confirmation of the donation, we will issue the adoption certificate with details about the sea turtle to you or the gift recipient. Please allow 7 days for the issuing of the certificate.

Your kind donation and symbolic turtle adoption will help us continue our sea turtle conservation work in the Indian Ocean and our research of the sea turtle population in the Maldives. This research will, in turn, help us develop and evaluate conservation strategies aimed at saving sea turtles threatened by extinction.

Please note: If you completed the Symbolic Turtle Adoption form earlier without making the donation at the time, please skip straight to the donation form below – we already have your application. Please make sure to mention the name of your turtle in the message field when making the donation.

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