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e-Turtle School, a free online course that teaches you everything you ever wanted to know about sea turtles, from biology to conservation.

Sea turtle conservation is focused on the protection and preservation of sea turtles now and into the future. While much of it is rooted in biology, conservation can only happen by utilising skills from other disciplines. This multidisciplinary approach is the only way to ensure that sea turtles and the environment in which they live, can continue into the future.

In e-Turtle School you will learn about the fundamental topics needed by anyone working to save sea turtles. Not only will you learn the basics of sea turtle biology and anatomy, you will also learn about the threats sea turtles face, how we work with the community, and what can be done to help.

In this course, you will learn about:

  • Sea Turtle Biology
  • Sea Turtle Anatomy
  • Sea Turtle Species
  • Threats to Sea Turtles
  • Ghost Gear
  • Sea Turtle Injuries

  • How to Help Sea Turtles
  • Creating Change
  • Getting into Conservation

e-Turtle School is aimed at anyone who would like to know more about sea turtles: budding biologists and conservationists, divers, snorkelers and anyone else who just loves sea turtles. No previous sea turtle knowledge is required but we do recommend that students are 12 years or older. For those who are keen on learning more in-depth science, or already know a lot about sea turtles, we recommend taking the Sea Turtle Science & Conservation Course.

You can take each lesson independent of the others, however, we recommend that you follow the lesson in the order they are presented to maximise your learning. The lessons vary between video and text based format and are designed to learn at your own pace. After most lessons there is a quiz to check your knowledge.