Position: Sea Turtle Rescue Centre Veterinarian & Guest Educator
Contract period: 1st July – 1st January 2017 (work visa pending)
 Duration: 6 month rotation
Salary: 1,000 USD per month plus living expenses
Location: Maldives

There will be an 4-week probationary period, followed by a performance review. Performance reviews will take place every 3 months afterwards.

The Organization
The Olive Ridley Project (ORP) is dedicated to removing and reducing the number of derelict fishing nets in the Indian Ocean and to protecting vulnerable marine turtles that fall victim to this ghost gear. We achieve this by training volunteers to remove derelict fishing gear, safely rescue trapped animals, and record important information about the gear and animals entangled in it. We attempt to mitigate this problem by promoting the recycling and reuse of end-of-life fishing equipment. Since 2013, our volunteers have recorded and disentangled more than 300 sea turtles and removed over 500 ghost nets from the Indian Ocean.

About the position

ORP rehabilitation centre for injured sea turtles in partnership with Coco Collection Resorts is looking for a veterinarian to work at the centre on a six month rotation. This position would suit candidates that wish to further personal veterinarian skills, whilst gaining valuable infield experience working in tropical environments with sea turtles.

Claire, our lead veterinarian, will be returning to the UK to further her veterinary training and will return in January 2017. We are currently looking for another vet to join our team so that the centre will always have a vet on hand to help with the turtles. Whilst away Claire will also be visiting other rescue and rehabilitation centres in the USA, to meet and learn from turtle specialists .

Claire will always be on call during her absence and the ideal candidate will be able to commit at least two terms working with Claire on a 6 months on/off rotation. 

Job Description
ORP is looking to hire a Sea Turtle Rescue Centre Veterinarian & Guest Educator (hereafter, Vet) who will be based at our rescue centre at Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu Resort in Baa Atoll, Maldives.

Responsibilities will include:
• Providing the necessary care for injured sea turtles housed at the Rescue Centre
• Releasing the turtles once they are deemed fit to be returned to the wild
• Arranging transportation for injured sea turtles found elsewhere in the country to the rescue centre
• Conducting tours of the Rescue Centre for guests of the resort; conducting educational presentations and guest excursions
• Ordering medications & medical equipment
• Training Marine Biologists and citizen scientists stationed around the country on sea turtle first aid
• Writing social media posts
• Tissue sampling for DNA analysis
• Applying satellite tags & updating tracking data
• Supervising volunteers or students who come for training
• Take part in raising overall environmental awareness at the resort

The successful candidate will possess the following qualifications, experience, and skills:
• Minimum bachelors degree in Veterinary Science or Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
• Specialization in reptile medicine or previous experience working with sea turtles
• Fluent in spoken and written English
• Excellent communication skills
• Ability to give presentations to a wide range of audiences (tourists, school children, island councils, etc.)
• Ability to work independently

• Experience working at a sea turtle rescue centre
• Knowledge of, and a passion for, the marine environment and conservation
• Experience working in a remote location with limited resources
• Comfortable in the water, either snorkeling or diving
• Ability to speak other languages (French, German, Chinese, Russian, etc.)
• Able to commit to two full rotations, each for six month periods.


Please send a CV and cover letter to before 27th May 2017.

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