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Meet Tiff, An Adult Female Olive Ridley Boat Strike Victim

Tiff is an adult female olive ridley turtle who was found floating at Hurawalhi in Lhaviyani Atoll. She was sent to us form Atoll Marine Centre.

Intake Date: 27th February 2019
Length: 65.5 cm
Weight: 29.9 kg
Status: Transferred to Atoll Marine Centre 4th March 2019 for further rehabilitation

Tiff was found floating at Hurawalhi in Lhaviyani Atoll. She has old wounds to her shell that look like a boat strike injury, a possible cause of her buoyancy. She was also not eating and was very buoyant.

We X-rayed her and found she has lung tears and a lot of air inside her shell. This is not something we can fix at this time, so she has gone to be looked after by Atoll Marine Centre as we need the space for critical care turtles.

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