Nouvelle (Noo Noo)

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Meet Nouvelle, a Juvenile Olive Ridley Found Entangled In a Ghost Net

Nouvelle,  (known as Noo Noo) was found in Lhaviyani Atoll. The ghost net had nearly fully claimed her left flipper, leaving only a bit of bone hanging out.

Intake Date: 6 January 2021
Length: 49 cm
Weight: 10.95 kg
Status: Released 8 February 2021

Noo Noo has been adopted for Alla by Katya Jones and by Natalie Porias.

Noo Noo is a bright, active and fiesty little thing. She will require surgery to remove the last bit of her flipper, but she is proving quite the handful! Dr Minnie has already tried to anaesthetise her once, but she refused to go to sleep sufficiently for surgery. We need to go back to the drawing board… Luckily she is bright and well, fighting an infection but eating and swimming really well. She has even been seen sleeping on the bottom of the tank, so fingers crossed she can be released very quickly once her wounds heal up.

17 January 2021
Noo Noo had surgery this week and has since recovered superbly. Her wound is looking excellent, she is bright and active, eating really well and – most importantly of all – is regularly sleeping on the bottom of the tank! This means that once her stitches come out in 3-4 weeks, she will be ready for release! 

24 January 2021
Noo noo is doing excellently 2 weeks post surgery. She can dive better than ever, is able to catch food deftly in the water column, and is eating really well. Her surgical wound looks excellent at the moment, although there is some palpable inflammation of the muscle underneath. However, she doesn’t seem bothered by this at all so it won’t be an impediment to a timely release!

31 January 2021
Everything is going great with Noo Noo! She is swimming, diving and eating well and her wound has remained consistently great. Her stitches will come out next week and she will be released Friday 5th February if all goes to plan!

8 February 2021
Noo Noo was ready and raring to go! Her release was meant to be Friday but it was rescheduled for today. She hung around on the surface a little bit, but she finally dived down. Good luck Noo Noo!