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Meet Morgan, Double Ghost Net Amputee

Morgan is a sub-adult male Olive ridley turtle who was found near Soneva Jani resort in Noonu atoll.

Intake Date: 8 June 2017
Length: 55 cm
Weight: 13.7 kg
Status: Deceased 11 September 2018
Morgan was adopted by the Yates family



Morgan arrived at the rescue centre by speedboat from Soneva Fushi. He had a severe case of shell rot, mostly present on his plastron, but also on his carapace. He had lost both right flippers to ghost net entanglement, and had a deep neck laceration, covered in scabs.

Morgan responded well to treatment and antibiotics, and was considered healthy. He could not be released, however, as his chance of survival in the wild with two missing flippers was slim. Morgan remained at the rescue centre, waiting for the an opportunity to travel to a new forever home – an aquarium in Europe.

Sadly, Morgan became lethargic over the last three weeks of his life. He stopped eating completely and after a few days he died unexpectedly over night. The post mortem revealed that Morgan had both heart and liver disease. Morgan was with us for more than a year and will be deeply missed.