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Meet Laetitia, An Adult Female Olive Ridley Ghost Gear Victim

Laetitia is an a adult female olive ridley. She was found in a ghost net at Dharavandhoo in Baa Atoll that weighed almost 30 kg – nearly 6 kg more than her!

Intake Date: 2nd January 2020
Length: 63 cm
Weight: 24.1 kg
Status: Released 31st January 2020

Laetitia was brought to us by speed boat from Soneva Fushi, who went out of their way to pick up Laetitia from the person who found her and transport her to us. Laetitia does not seem to have been entangled for a long time. She suffered one deep cut and a few superficial cuts and shell injuries where the net had rubbed. She does suffer from a mild form of buoyancy syndrome.

We expect to be able to release her soon as she is already trying to dive!

13 January 2020
Laetitia is on anti-inflammatories and antibiotics and is having her wounds treated. She will hopefully only need a short time to rehabilitate before being released.

20 January 2020
Laetitia had surgery this week. She needed her wounds debrided and her nose repaired. A little bit of plastic surgery and now she looks a million bucks! Back in the big tank, she is enjoying the space and eating well. She will be released as soon as she her stitches come out.

28 January 2020
Laetitia is not impressed that she is still here. Her wounds are not healing quickly enough for her liking.  She will be happy the day when she can leave us!

30 January 2020
Laetitia was a very stressed turtle and was not coping well being in a tank. The big tank was not big enough for her, and she was causing injury to wounds that were well on the way to heal. We therefore made the decision to release her back to the big blue where there are no walls. She was released at high tide from the beach with a small group of guests watching on. Out she went over the reef and then past the drop off.  We hope she lives a long and happy life and does not encounter another ghost net.