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Meet Kraken, a Big Adult Female Olive Ridley Found Floating

Kraken, was found floating by the dock in Thilafushi, an artificial island near the capital island of Malé that handles waste disposal.

Intake Date: 8 January 2021
Length: 71.2 cm
Weight: 35 kg
Status: Deceased 10 February 2021

Kraken has been adopted by Clara, Dani & Dirk and for Nicole by Karen Campana.

Kraken was too heavy for the sea plane and therefore undertook an epic journey to get to us, all coordinated by our intern at the time, Jinaad. Many friends of his banded together to construct her a box, pick her up and drop her off at the airport, and even care for her overnight before she could make it to our Rescue Centre.

31 January 2021
Poor Kraken still isn’t eating on her own. We have tried to remove some air from her shell twice to increase her comfort levels, but haven’t managed it either time. She will be undergoing surgery to also have a feeding tube placed to ensure we can nutritionally support her while sorting out her various issues. 

7 February 2021
Kraken had a procedure this week to clean up her wounds and also to place a feeding tube. She recovered really well from the anaesthetic and has been doing well. She is having daily physio to try and reduce the contracture of her front flippers. In the end she didn’t need as much surgery to her wounds as we initially thought, as so many of them were already healing well and had been doing for a long while. Her plastron crack has not yet been sorted, but we are trying to resolve her buoyancy issues before we tackle it. 

10 February 2021
Sadly, Kraken passed away today as a result of her injuries. She had a major infection to do with her prolonged time floating at sea.