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Meet June, A Juvenile Olive Ridley Ghost Gear Victim

June, a juvenlile olive ridley turtle, was rescued from a ghost net in North Male Atoll and came to us via Cooco Palm Bodu Hiti.

Intake Date: 23rd December 2019
Length: 29.5 cm
Weight: 2.55 kg
Status: Released 8th February 2020

June has been adopted for Mariana by Pedro and by Emily Grace Walker.

June arrived at the Rescue Centre by sea plane. She had injuries to 3 flippers. Vet Jackie performed surgery on all 3 and is hopeful that she has been able to save them. She was stable during surgery but slow to wake up from her anesthesia.

13 January 2020
June is recovering quite well. She is a tiny turtle with a massive personality! She has been eating well, and is continuing to heal from her injuries.

20 January 2020
June is now in a bigger tank and dives right to the bottom and is eating well. She had her stitches out this week and is getting ready to be released as soon as the last of her injuries heal.

28 January 2020
June has physio once a day and she is having laser sessions to help break down some scar tissue. She is healing well and just needs better range of motion in that front flipper before she can be released, but treatments are certainly helping.

3 February 2020
June has been doing well. She is using her right front flipper more often and seems more comfortable with it. She will continue on with her physiotherapy this week.

8 February 2020
June has been released. She really needed to get out and use her flipper, not lie around in a tank resting. We popped her in the big tank and she showed us that she was ready. The scar tissue will settle and flatten, and her flipper will only continue to improve as she uses it more. Her other two flippers that were injured work perfectly well. We will miss her, our little Christmas turtle.