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Meet Flow, a Two Times Entanglement Survivor and Double Flipper Amputee

Flow is a juvenile Olive Ridley turtle who was found entangled, not in ghost gear, but in plastic, by our friends at Finolhu Resort in Baa Atoll in December 2017.

Intake Date: December 14th 2017
Length: 49 cm
Weight: 12.3
Released: January 29th 2018

Flow’s injuries were so severe that we had to amputate her front flipper as soon as she arrived at the Rescue Centre. She was already missing a back flipper when she arrived. The injury is old and healed and looks like a ghost net injury. Flow recovered well. She was a strong and active swimmer in the rescue centre tanks, despite being a double entanglement survivor and missing two flippers! Flow was released after less than two months at the Rescue Centre.