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Meet Fidji, A Juvenile Olive Ridley

Fidji was found and brought to us by Liquid Salt Divers, Dharavandhoo in Baa Atoll. He was entangled in a ghost net and trapped to a reef.

Intake Date: 6th January 2020
Length: cm
Weight: 8.4 kg
Status: Released 11th April 2020

Fidji has been adopted by Danielle Francioli.

Fidji had partly self amputated during his ghost net entanglement. When he arrived at the Rescue Centre, the front right humerus bone was exposed and the flipper missing. Vet Jackie will remove the bone and stitch him up.

The good news is that Fidji is diving.

13 January 2020
Fidji had surgery on the 10th of January to remove the humerus and diseased tissue surrounding the bone. He made a speedy recovery from his surgery and is diving quite well. He is on a course of antibiotics to help him overcome an infection. Things are looking pretty good for him.

20 January 2020
Fidji is doing well and is very feisty now. She enjoys her food and has recovered well from her surgery.

28 January 2020
Fidji is finally starting to show signs of his wound healing. He may avoid another procedure, but we are assessing his wounds regularly. His appetite is great and he has settled into centre life well.

3 February 2020
Fidji continues to do well. His appetite is great and he is swimming very strongly.  We are leaving in his remaining stitches a little longer than normal to make sure the skin has had enough time to heal. The other part of the wound that broke down will take some time to heal over as there is not enough skin there for a primary closure.

10 February 2020
Fidji is continuing to heal. He has wound care twice a week now and things are moving along nicely, albeit slowly.

17 February 2020
Fidji is healing well. His appetite is great and he swims around the tank well. He is not a fan of treatments and tries to hide from us where we cannot reach him.

25 February 2020
Fidji had a small setback this week. Part of his wound formed a pocket of infection so we cleaned it out and he is wearing a bandage cover until we can get it to close over. Unfortunately there is not enough skin to close the wound surgically, but it will heal in over time.

2 March 2020
Fidji had wound care this week. He is continuing on antibiotics as his bloods showed a high level of white blood cells. His appetite is good and he is swimming well. He will have a procedure next week to assess his wound.

26 March 2020
Fidji is doing fine and still swims very well. His wound is being cleaned regularly.

6 April 2020
Fidji is doing well and has now finished his course of antibiotics, so we are hoping to release him soon. He is quick and alert as always. Judging by the way he feeds we think he should be renamed ‘flash’!

10 April 2020
Fidji was released today, Good Friday, from the beach at Coco Palm. He was a little confused at first but eventually the excitement kicked in and he was off back to the deep blue! Fidji will be missed at the Rescue Centre but we are so glad he was able to go back home where he belongs.