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Meet Esther, A Juvenile Olive Ridley Ghost Gear Victim

Esther, a juvenlile olive ridley turtle, was rescued from a ghost net by Reethi Faru Resort in Raa Atoll.

Intake Date: 8th December 2019
Length: 34.5 cm
Weight: 4.2 kg
Status: Released 6th January 2020

Esther has been adopted by Liana and for Lella and Arturo by Tania & Ugo.

Esther was found entangled in a ghost net which had cut into her front right flipper. The wound was very deep and bone was exposed in one small area. She had surgery on the 9th of December to close the hole and protect the bone, and also to remove all of the dead tissue. It was discovered that she has good blood supply to the end of the flipper and we are hopeful that she will regain full use of the flipper.

16 December 2019
Baby Esther has joined Artimus and Kaushell in a bigger tank. She wasn’t eating when she was on her own, but the other kids have shown her what to do and now her appetite is back on track! Unfortunately she is going to require a flipper amputation in the coming week as the only healthy tissue left covering the humerus bone has broken down.

23 December 2019
Esther had her flipper amputation this week and recovered well. She has already adapted to having 3 flippers and is quite happy to do speed laps of the tank.

30 December 2019
Esther has been swimming strongly and has recovered well from her surgery. She has finished her course of antibiotics. Once her stitches are out, she will be released.

6 January 2020
Esther was released today as part of a double release with Beasty. She was waved off by a boat full of well-wishers and dived down straight away.