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Turtle Patient 156: Dinah, Juvenile Hawksbill

Hawksbuill turtle patient Dinah with raised flippers. Image.

Dinah was found washed up on the shore at Gili Lankanfushi Resort in North Malé Atoll.

The Vitals

Intake Date: 19 August 2021
Patient Number: 156
Rescue Location: North Malé Atoll
Reason: Found washed up
Transport Method: Seaplane
Status: Released 27 August 2021

Species: Hawksbill
Scientific Name: Eretmochelys imbricata
Sex: Unkown
Age: Juvenile
Length: 38.5 cm
Weight: kg

Dinah’s Story

Dinah was found washed up on the shore at Gili Lankanfushi Resort, very weak but without any visible injuries. She arrived at the Rescue Centre by sea plane.

Although she has no external wounds or injuries, and her x-rays are clear, she has gone through a rough time. She has muscle tremors, is very weak, and is showing general neurological signs of indeterminate origin.

Since arriving at the Rescue Centre, her energy has picked up a little bit and she is showing improvement day by day.

25 August 2021
After an initial triage Dinah was found to be full of ingesta and also held her front flippers tightly under her body. As the week has progressed, she has passed large faeces, begun to swim normally and has now got a good appetite too. Our plan is to release her Friday 27th August. We are not sure what had led her to washing ashore, but potentially it may have been something that she had eaten and now shows no outward sign of illness.

27 August 2021
Dinah was released today.