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Meet Dhooni, A Critically Endangered Hawksbill

Dhooni is a juvenile hawksbill turtle who was found floating by Amilla Fushi Resort in Baa Atoll. She had no external injuries, but was very sick and weak, showing signs of blood poisoning.

Intake Date: 27th August 2018
Length: 44 cm
Weight: 7.6 kg
Status: Deceased 19th September 2018

Dhooni was adopted by Hauke Reumann

We took Dhooni for an x-ray and she appeared to have pneumonia. She had a small chance of survival due to the severity of her condition, but we did everything we could to help her. We treated her with antibiotics  and fluids and monitored her breathing. We also surgically placed a feeding tube in her stomach as she was not eating. Sadly, she did not recover and Dhooni passed away.

Dhooni means bird in Dhivehi.

Video of Vet Claire giving Dhooni breakfast through the feeding tube