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Meet Penny, Our Longest Staying Patient

Penny is an adult Olive Ridley turtle who was found in Lhaviyani atoll in May 2017.
Intake Date: 13 May 2017
Length: 65 cm
Weight: 19.9 kg
Status: Current patient
Penny has been adopted for Courtney by Sarah, for Andrea Greenaway by Annie Greenaway, by Jan-Hendrik Poehler, Rohan F. Zehethofer, Jutta Real, Marianne Traber, Roseanne and by Karin.

Penny was previously under the care of Naifaru Juvenile Rescue centre, but was transferred to us for veterinary care.  She had a severely damaged right flipper with only a stump remaining.

Following surgery to remove this stump, she has now healed perfectly.  However, Penny is suffering from severe buoyancy problems; before we can be release her, she needs to be able to dive.

We are seeing improvements each week and she now dives to the bottom of the large tank after food.  Penny is currently undergoing swimming lessons in the ocean, which is having a great impact on her recovery.

She has become a very quick swimmer and one day she suddenly took off and nearly escaped past the edge of the reef! She still gets tired quickly from her buoyancy condition, though, so we were able to catch up when she popped to the surface to rest.

Once she is able to regulate her buoyancy properly, she will be returned to the ocean.

Watch Penny’s Swimming Lesson in the Ocean

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