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Meet Myrtle, An Olive Ridley Ghost Gear Victim

Myrtle was severely injured by ghost gear entanglement and came to us via Marine Savers at Kuda Huraa, North Male Atoll.

Intake Date: 10th June 2019
Status: Current Patient

Myrtle’s back flipper was almost completely cut through from the ghost net she got entangled in. Sadly we had no choice but to amputate this flipper. One of her front flippers was also severely cut, almost to the bone, and there is a risk that this will need to be amputated too. For now we are doing everything we can to save it as with two missing flippers on the same side, she can likely never be released.

Myrtle also arrived with a shell and skin infection and she is very thin and dehydrated. She must have been entangled for a while before she was rescued.