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Meet Lynn, An Adult Female Olive Ridley Floater

Lynn was found floating at Hurawalhi in Lhaviyani Atoll. She came to us via Atoll Marine Centre.

Intake Date: 27th February 2019
Length: 66.5 cm
Weight: 26.4 kg
Status: Current Patient

Lynn has been adopted by Nigel & Louise Walmsley

Lynn is very buoyant and hasn’t been eating so she was sent to us for investigation. We X-rayed her and found lot of internal abnormalities. She has a huge amount of gas build up, including in her neck. She also has what appears to be large abnormal distended pockets in her lung called bullae. She is still not eating and is looking very sick. We will place a stomach tube surgically, start a barium study, and also re-X-ray her after we have removed the air from her shell under anaesthetic.