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Meet Lisle, A Baby Hawksbill

Lisle is a baby hawksbill turtle who was found floating upside down on a reef in Ari Atoll by W Resort. She is only 2-3 months old.

Intake Date: 22nd December 2018
Length: 8,5 cm
Weight: 79 gr
Status: Current Patient

Lisle has been adopted by Isabelle Poehler

We X-rayed her and found she has pneumonia for which she is on antibiotics.

At first we were tube feeding her as she was not eating. Despite being very buoyant due to her condition, Lisle was still fairly active and pottered about her tank.

Lisle is now making improvements and is eating well by herself, so we have stopped tube feeding her liquid food. She is lower in the water and her buoyancy is improving. She remains on antibiotics for her pneumonia and we will repeat her X-ray to check up on how she is doing.