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Meet Kraken, a Big Adult Female Olive Ridley Found Floating

Kraken, was found floating by the dock in Thilafushi, an artificial island near the capital island of Malé that handles waste disposal.

Intake Date: 8 January 2021
Length: 71.2 cm
Weight: 35 kg
Status: Current Patient

Kraken has been adopted by Clara, Dani & Dirk and for Nicole by Karen Campana.

Kraken was too heavy for the sea plane and therefore undertook an epic journey to get to us, all coordinated by our intern at the time, Jinaad. Many friends of his banded together to construct her a box, pick her up and drop her off at the airport, and even care for her overnight before she could make it to our Rescue Centre.

She has old injuries to the underside of her flippers that are a little bit of a mystery. They’ve rendered her left flipper pretty immobile, so we hope that with surgery and physio, we can help her regain the use of it. She is also significantly buoyant, likely due to the length of time she has been unwell. She still needs some diagnostic tests to work out the extent of her injuries. Kraken weighs in at 35kg with a curved carapace length of 71.2cm – living up to her sea monster name!

17 January 2021
Kraken had her survey x-rays this week – requiring 3 people to haul her out of her tank! Her x-rays show that her front flipper wounds are soft tissue only, so the bones are looking healthy. Unfortunately she does have a very large crack on her plastron (lower shell). This is going to be difficult to repair as she has a lot of trapped air under her shell, causing it to bulge out and putting more pressure on the crack. She is on antibiotics and pain relief while her surgery is planned for. 

24 January 2021
Kraken is still not eating and remains quite unwell. She is on regular fluids and antibiotics to manage her wound infections, but she still needs surgery. However, before we fix the crack in her plastron we need to try and reduce the amount of air on her shell, as the excessive amount is pushing her plastron out and making the crack near impossible to bring together.