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Meet KG, A Sub Adult Hawksbill from Male Atoll

KG is a subadult hawksbill sea turtle that came to us from Marine Savers in Male Atoll.  She has a penetrating wound through her left flipper believed to be from a spear gun.  Poaching of this species of turtle still occurs because of their beautiful shell. 

Intake Date: 4th September 2019
Length: 54.5 cm
Weight: 14.4 kg
Status: Current Patient

KG has been adopted by Sama.

KG has a bone infection, but luckily the bone was not damaged by the spear. Her nerves are also intact, so she is one lucky turtle. If the injury was a little to the left, it would have been a different story.

She has had surgery on the 06/09/19 to remove all the dead tissue and and now the long healing process begins. KG will be having dressing changes daily until there is a healthy bed of granulation tissue present. She may require follow up anaesthetics for further debridement of the wounds. Currently she is having daily wound care, antibiotics and pain relief.

KG is a very shy turtle and has only just started eating crabs after being fed at night.