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Meet Isla, Found Entangled in a Ghost Net in Baa Atoll

Isla is a subadult Olive ridley turtle who was found by the Coco Palm boat crew. She was entangled in a small ghost net in the ocean canal between Hithadhoo Island and Coco Palm Dhuni Kohlu.

Intake Date: 6th July 2018
Length: 57 cm
Weight: 16 kg
Status: Current Patient
Isla has been adopted for Tasha by Abbie

Isla had suffered deep wounds from the ghost net. Both of her left flippers, front and back, had severed muscles and a broken bone in each flipper.

Sadly, both of her left flippers needed amputation. She also received antibiotics and pain medication.The wounds on her shell from a boat propeller are now looking great and have almost completely healed.

Isla dived for fish for the first time about a month after her surgery. However, after she has not been able to dive down again. She does seem lower in the water, though.

Due to her disability we are considering to try to find her a forever home. She is our resident crocodile when it comes to feeding time, almost breaking tongs and fingers with her inaccurate aim and strong snap!