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Meet Discovery, A Juvenile Olive Ridley Found Floating

Discovery, a juvenile olive ridley, was found floating and missing a flipper near One & Only Reethi Rah in North Male.

Intake Date: 7th February 2020
Length: 43.3 cm
Weight: 8.6 kg
Status: Current Patient

Discovery has been adopted by Angela and by Stėphane Grosjean.

Just as our team at One & Only Reethi Rah had released Reethi, Discovery was located at one of the neighboring islands and brought to our Sea Turtle Biologist. Discovery has lost her left flipper due to ghost net entanglement and is also buoyant.

She spent a few days at One & Only Reethi Rah before being sent to Dr. Jackie at the Marine Turtle Rescue Centre to be checked over. 

10 February 2020
We took Xrays were of Discovery once she arrived at the Rescue Centre and found that she has a pneumocoelom (air in the body) from a lung tear. Some air and fluid was removed from her body cavity. She still floats and this will take some time to resolve. Her flipper injury has healed over quite nicely and hopefully we may not need to operate to remove the last piece of humerus bone.

25 February 2020
Disovery, popularly known as Disco, is still as buoyant as when she arrived. She is very frustrated that she cannot dive, but her appetite is great.  

2 March 2020
Discovery will be going on a sea swim in the coming week to encourage her to try and dive. She had a good appetite and is quite a character.

26 March 2020
Discovery is very curious, often watching out of the window. She is regularly trying to dive and gets very frustrated that she can’t go very deep. We have seen slight improvements in her diving ability when feeding and she seems to sit a little lower in the water, but still can’t reach the bottom of the small tank. She currently has a couple of lesions on the back of her neck from where she is pushing her head up to the glass and making her neck rub on her carapace. Disco will be moved to a bigger tank as of Sunday to give her some more space to swim and practice diving.

6 April 2020
Discovery has been moved to a larger tank and seems much more relaxed with that extra space. She is continuing to practice her diving but buoyancy improvements will likely take time.